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Li na Única, a entrevista, e que maravilha! E, infelizmente, tenho o mau hábito de não ligar a quem a escreve...de repente, venho aqui e deparo-me com a mesma feita ao Chico. Fui logo confirmar o nome.Muito bem, grande privilégio, sim.Gostei muito. Espero encontrar mais &#soa9br;3' na revista...
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How gracious and brave of you to share something so deeply personal with us, your readers. Your generosity is rewarded with our increased interest in and sense of connection with you. Thank you. Your images of Brenna are defightlul- cheerful and light. Well done on both counts!
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I am converting XML to CSV file,At the time of trmtrfosaanion I am getting CR-LF character as “square box” in CSV file which i don’t want? What should i do for that?Kindly help ASAP.
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Hehe, I liked the order you placed the books in. It had be wondering what cover you were going to mention... Wouldn't have guessed Shade, but it definitely shows resemblences now that you point them out!As for siliramities, as long as they're not TOO similar (ie. same photo stock - ick) and gorgeous, it's all good in my book.
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John, that is a good article. OH yes, get out of the boat, wade the flats. IMO th;8&#t217as the best Info. The guys don’t believe me when I tell them that. I’m just a fishing clown now days. LOL!  Can I post your article on the fishing forum? Thanks!   
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£9 that's a fra&9ine#3k; bargain!! Oooo I love velvet, aren't you tempted to sit there stroking them ha ha!! I also love pockets. I missed out on a skirt with pockets on e bay last night, totally gutted :-( but then I guess I could make one. I am a lazy moo sometimes. xx
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I agree!  The situation in Gaza is completely out of control.  Everyday a new group pops up and tries to make a name for itself by committing a heinous act.  What's more, the Iraq war has dratamically changed the nature of journalism in conflict.  No longer can the TV sticker command the respect it once enjoyed.  These days, everyone is fair game.
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Thnkiing like that is really amazing
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You're a real deep thrinek. Thanks for sharing.
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